City vs Country II

The second City vs Country match was played at Fred King Oval in Glengarry.  The day was another success which allowed the Representative Squad to get together and give newly appointed Captain Chris Lehner a good idea of who he and the selectors have to choose from for the GCL and Country Week squads for season 2019/2020.  The City vs Country format is also growing with spectators and players all buying into the concept and supporting their teams strongly. 
Image may contain: 12 people, including Chris Lehner, Ryan Delaney, Dougal Williams and Tom Shippen, people smiling, outdoor
 City - J.Lynch, T.Bramwell, D.Williams, C.Little, N.Smith, T.Orpe, B.Sizeland, R.Morley, J.Randall, B.Chapman (c), E.Williams  
 Country - K.Stoddart, L.Henderson, K.Hughes, I.Indika, R.Perera, C.Graham, C.Lehner (c), A.Brady, A.Jenkin, J.King, T.Shippen
City Scorecard Country Scorecard 
 Batsman How Out Bowler Score  Batsman How Out Bowler Score 
R.Morley R.Perera 29 (29) C.Lehner ct C.Little J.Randall 1 (4) 
T.Orpe A.Brady 33 (39)T.Shippen ct B.Chapman J.Randall 14 (10) 
B.Chapman ct A.Brady 35 (31) K.Stoddart ct B.Chapman J.Lynch 57 (53) 
D.Williams n.o  13 (20) A.Jenkin J.Randall 28 (29) 
N.Smith dnb   I.Indika J.Lynch 6 (9) 
C.Little dnb   R.Perera n.o   7 (6) 
E.Williams dnb   K.Hughes n.o  2 (2) 
B.Sizeland dnb   C.Graham dnb   
J.Randall dnb   J.King dnb   
10 T.Bramwell dnb   10 A.Brady dnb   
11 J.Lynch dnb   11 L.Henderson dnb   
 Extras    Extras    5 
   Total 3/118    Total 5/120 
K.Hughes 3/0/20, J.King 3/0/14, C.Graham 3/0/18, R.Perera 2/1/8 
I.Indika 2/0/21, L.Henderson 3/0/14, A.Brady 4/2/18

J.Randall 4/1/3/22, J.Lynch 4/2/25, N.Smith 4/0/26,

B.Sizeland 4/0/20, T.Bramwell 3/0/20, E.Williams 1/0/6

 Man of the Match - Kevin Stoddart