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Hall of Fame - Bowling

Grade Type 
Match Format 
InningsMatchHat Tricks

5 wickets in an innings

1Joel RandallImperials2018/201921.310267TDCA A Grade13 1Gormandale37490114822272870357
2Keenan HughesToongabbie2018/201916.06276TDCA A GradeGF 1Ex Students72277014822262870367
3Lee StockdaleEx Students2018/201922.213316TDCA A GradeSF 1Imperials4283014822282870365
4Shaun J BarbourGormandale2018/201918.33386TDCA A Grade13 1Imperials4134914822242870357
5Lee StockdaleEx Students2018/201923.010225TDCA A Grade15 1Glengarry4283014822282870362
6James PrydeEx Students2018/201910.0265TDCA A Grade7 1Glengarry10102514822282870339
7Lee StockdaleEx Students2018/201918.06425TDCA A Grade11 1Imperials4283014822282870351
8Joel RandallImperials2018/201917.36435TDCA A Grade14 1Glengarry37490114822272870360
9Nathanael D CampbellImperials2018/201914.43465TDCA A Grade10 1Toongabbie30962214822272870349
10Brad SizelandImperials2018/201922.0625TDCA A Grade11 1Ex Students4295114822272870351
11Connor HughesToongabbie2018/201919.53635TDCA A Grade14 1Ex Students72276214822262870359
12Cameron GrahamGlengarry2018/201928.05875TDCA A Grade13 1Toongabbie60174714822292870356



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