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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubTDCA A GradeTDCA B GradeTDCA C GradeTDCA Under 15TDCA Under 12TDCA Under 10TDCA A GradeTDCA B GradeTDCA C GradeTDCA Under 15TDCA Under 12TDCA Under 10
Adams, CampbellEx Students Cricket Club 000020000020
Adams, MichaelTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club010000010000
Adams, RubyEx Students Cricket Club 00014000001400
Adams, ShaneGlengarry Cricket Club 080000080000
Ainsworth, JakeGormandale Cricket Club 059000059000
Ainsworth, JordanGormandale Cricket Club 070000070000
Aitken, ScottTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club18000001800000
Alexander, SeanToongabbie Cricket Club 51100005110000
Ali, KarimRovers Cricket Club 003000003000
Anderson, JordanTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club338000338000
Anton, PeterToongabbie Cricket Club 004000004000
Archibald, NelsonEx Students Cricket Club 00031200003120
Armstrong, JieGormandale Cricket Club 02001200200120
Armstrong, John SGormandale Cricket Club 01300000130000
********Ex Students Cricket Club 00001000000100
Ashton, LiamEx Students Cricket Club 00014000001400
Askew, BraydenYarram & District Cricket Club980000980000
Babb, JeremyYarram & District Cricket Club12200001220000
Bachetti, RobGormandale Cricket Club 002000002000
Backman, MitchellGlengarry Cricket Club 00081000008100
Barbour, ShaunGormandale Cricket Club 15000001500000
Barden, CraigGormandale Cricket Club 00110000011000
Barnes, LucyGormandale Cricket Club 00001100000110
Barry, DanielToongabbie Cricket Club 41400004140000
Barry, MattToongabbie Cricket Club 16100001610000
Barry, Mitchell JToongabbie Cricket Club 003000003000
Bass, BlakeToongabbie Cricket Club 00001300000130
Bass, ConnorToongabbie Cricket Club 005000005000
Bassett, BillyTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club00001100000110
Bassett, MitchellTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club00001100000110
Bastin, Lee AEx Students Cricket Club 001000001000
Bastin, LiamEx Students Cricket Club 00001200000120
Bastin, ZacharyEx Students Cricket Club 1163140011631400
Battista, RickEx Students Cricket Club 23000002300000
Beaton, NathanGormandale Cricket Club 039000039000
Beaton, WayneGormandale Cricket Club 005000005000
Becker, ShaunYarram & District Cricket Club008000008000
Bellingham, JoshTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club02012000201200
Bellingham, MitchellTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club18000001800000
Bentley, AndrewEx Students Cricket Club 00120000012000
Bentley, MichaelEx Students Cricket Club 01350000135000
Bermingham, LiamTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club00013000001300
Best, JakeEx Students Cricket Club 14000001400000
Biemans, LeighYarram & District Cricket Club001000001000
Bland, AnthonyYarram & District Cricket Club51400005140000
Bonacci, ShaneGlengarry Cricket Club 21070002107000
Borgia, DonYarram & District Cricket Club004000004000
Bosch, CraigTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club010000010000
Bosch, HarryTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club00001100000110
Bosch, RyanTraralgon Imperials Cricket Club21600002160000